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forcecamera is bad, mmkay

A cautionary tale… YMMV…

Recently while hosting a TF2 server, srcds would crash every time a player switched class or team (aka suicide). Which of course resulted in connection errors for all players previously connected to the server.

Preliminary Googling led to only one other reference on the web that was vaguely similar “when i suicide […], there will be no respawn timing and then the server will crash”.

To which Dracona replied “Doesn’t have anything to do with the config I think, did you install any mods?”.

I didn’t think it was the config either but after much head-scratching, trial-and-error, re-installing, cursing, etc… I’ve isolated the problem, it was in server.cfg:

mp_forcecamera 0 will crash the server on suicide, mp_forcecamera 1 (or left unspecified) is fine.

I assume this must be a recently introduced issue (perhaps it came with the Heavy Update?) because I haven’t changed that value in the config file, and the server has been stable in the past.

As I say, YMMV, but I notice Bango’s config file also had mp_forcecamera set to 0.

Let me know (leave a comment) if you’ve had the same problem, or if you know why this might happen?

PS The up-side of all this is SNAP now have a clan server back in action for beta testing up_and_away. Join us and get your rocket on!

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