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Next big thing?


I knwo we all love TF2 (some of us a little too much), but what vwill be the next big thing for SNAP?  Diablo 3 looks a possible but god knows when that will be released.



4 Responses to “Next big thing?”

  1. tofu

    Yeah, I’m hangin out for D3. Until then, DoW2 might be worth a look. Perhaps Battlefield Heroes… or… Left4Dead anyone?

  2. Ali

    Zombies. I hate zombies. Definitely not L4D.

    What is DoW2?

  3. tofu

    You hate zombies… perfect! That’s the whole idea 😉

    Dawn of War 2 is RTS like CnC.

    Graphics look pretty special, gameplay is supposed to be good also.

  4. judging by the decor around here, L4D is a clear winner

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