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I solemnly swear

Since I can’t post about TF2 any more, I just wanted to take this opportunity to solemnly say:

I, irama, endorse the following webpage. What I am about to show you embodies everything I cherish as a person. If I could sum me up in a single webpage, this would be that page. Also, if I die from excitement shortly after clicking this, please put what I am about to show you on my grave…


3 Responses to “I solemnly swear”

  1. tofu

    Ok, I lied. I can’t stop posting about TF2, I love it too much.
    A jar of p**s?… such class!

  2. A jar of p**s, That’s what QLDers drink for beer right? (XXXX)

  3. tofu

    It might be… Don’t wanna waste it on spies!

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