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Look, it’s not THAT bad…..

After vowing never to play teamfortress 2 again having expected to earn my weapons and accessories through a couple of hrs of achievement w*****g with the clan (yes you all know who you are….) I was bitterly dissapointed at the change that had occured within the game with random drops. However, after a bit of reflection I thought I’d give it another shot with a different mindset and you know what, I actually had FUN….

The new dual payload maps are something that I think could actually genuinely keep this clan interested in the game,  they add an offensive AND defensive aspect at the same time that makes the game play thoroughly entertaining (and rather intense at times). You don’t have a glut of everyone playing sniper or spy to try and earn their shiny new toys, rather you can find a new item for a class that you weren’t playing as when you discovered it. I for instance, discovered the huntsman when I was playing as a pyro.

I believe that as a clan we are very capable of dominating these maps like we were able to with the regular payloads, two nights ago I was sitting pretty at the top of the score board for a good chunk of the night when playing with fumbles. So I say we give it another go with a different mind set, and we’ll actually quite enjoy it. Just remember that if we do all give it a go, you will earn all the new shiny toys to play with eventually anyway.



2 Responses to “Look, it’s not THAT bad…..”

  1. Ali

    Nope. Still g*y.

  2. tofu

    Ahh, give it a go. I did. It was fun. Didn’t get any drops, but still fun.

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