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Anniversary achievements

If you’ve been following the comments, you’d know that Shmitee earned a facetious Potty Mouth achievement recently. Ali thought given SNAP recently celebrated our 1st anniversary, it was about time that members were recognised for their efforts and eccentricities.

Just in case, I thought it would be worth summarising the achievements here:

Shmitee has achieved:
Potty Mouth: Make appropriately lewd remarks in inappropriate places

dr zorr has achieved:
Totally Random: Score two or more Gold Medal Survivals with strangers

spiii has achieved:
Strategic Advantage: Play with passion, but always remember the plan

Okahey has achieved:
Accelerated Infection: Pwn it up playing as infected within your first week of L4D

frag_spawn has achieved:
LAN Iron Man: Bring your rig to a LAN on your bicycle, at night, in the rain

Ali has achieved:
Alotta Aliases: Accrue 10 different handles used for at least one week each (9/10)

Nakor has achieved:
Forced Whisperer: Voice chat until the wee hours, fending off disgruntled housemates

Nakor has also achieved (thanks Ali):
Guerilla Radio: Talk on Teamspeak so none of your clan members can hear you

Misa has achieved:
There Is No Ceiling: Be the first female member of clan SNAP

Sorry to getbent, I hope we can have a game soon.
I’ll be working on the following achievement:
Play With getbent: Play a round with getbent (0/1)

Fumbles has achieved:
Meet The Clan: Meet each clan member face to face

The addition of Misa to the clan has invalidated Fumbles achievement Meet The Clan (for now). But it’s ok, I thought up a few more for Fumbles:
WTFIMM?!: Where the frak is my Medic?!
WSMFT?!: Who stole my frakking teleporter?!
WTMMFFS?!: Who took my medpack for frak's sake?!

Congratulations all, apart from the specific achievements above, you’ve all shown 1337 sk33lz and good natured participation!

PS Ali has put together these achievements for me… thanks mate, they are pure genius!

irama has achieved:
Jack of All Trades: Be good at all classes, without being best-in-clan at any

irama has achieved:
Holier Than Thou: Achieve all gold medals without exploiting glitches

4 Responses to “Anniversary achievements”

  1. LAN Iron Man is priceless!

  2. mate, you should send this off to steam as a C.V.! (btw how’s your mum and her fire extinguisher?)

  3. Ali

    These aren’t up to Irama’s high standard but he desrves a couple after his hard work.

    Irama has achieved:

    Irama has achieved:

  4. tofu

    They are beautiful! Very nicely done.

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