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ZOMG its L4D 2!!!!!!

Well, if you were looking for a reason to live, here it is: Left 4 Dead 2

spiii pointed this out to me this morning and I couldn’t wait till I got home to post about it, hence the lunchtime post.

Bask in the gory, I mean glory of the E3 trailer:

6 Responses to “ZOMG its L4D 2!!!!!!”

  1. Ali

    You know what this means don’t you…?
    we have 5 months to get all the remaining achievements.

  2. tofu

    Just re-watched the trailer (this time with sound). Looks like pistols will no longer have unlimited ammo 🙁

    But melee weapons will be much more fun 😉

  3. ZOMG I WANNA CHAINSAW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks like fun 😉

  4. good, i was running out of interestin’ achievements ~:)

  5. tofu

    Just read an interesting article on why L4D2 will ship as a sequel rather than DLC. Also confirms that there’s more DLC love coming for L4D-the-first

  6. tofu

    These vids are interesting. Looks like I was wrong about pistols, they might still have unlimited ammo.

    I know this is early release gameplay footage, but my tip for Valve is: Lose the hillbilly music, it’s hella weak. New Orleans (in particular) should feature Dixieland jazz and/or Voodoo drums/chants.

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