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Fumbles: A Biography


Thanks to Irama, we are all appreciative of the work of Zero Puncuation.  However, while randomly checking out some older reviews, I came across this f#%king beauty and I am not talking about the review itself.

Flick along to 3.40 and tell me that is not the funniest s**t you have ever seen.

I hate spies.


2 Responses to “Fumbles: A Biography”

  1. tofu

    Just priceless

  2. “sniff” “splutter” “cry”

    I know his pain. Its so real for me.
    Poor fella, lost his medic, he’ll never fully recover you know.
    We need, as a clan, to be there in tough times. It’s what friends do.
    Agreed? I though you would. 🙂

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