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Favourite Games


Yep. Still in my hotel room, bored out of my skull. Thought this might break up the monotiny.

As some people whould know, I have been looking for a new game to hook me for a little while now (at least until Global Agenda comes out). To give me some ideas, as well as letting fellow clan members know a bit more about you, I thought it might be fun for people to tell us their favorite games of all time. To try and prevent a stream of TF2, L4D, WoW answers, let’s break it down by genre as well as all-time. I’ll get us started.

3. Team Fortress 2
Given the amount of game time I have logged, it has to make an appearance. Simple premise but very well-executed. Can’t be higher up the list as it is very dependent on who it is played with (I can count on one hand the number of minutes I have played without another SNAP member).
2. Left 4 Dead
As many of you would know, I was initially sceptical on this title as I think the zombie concept has been done to death (haha). However, possibly the best use of co-op play and the alternate ‘hilarious griefing engine’ mode made it an incredibly good game.
1. Jedi Knight 2 – Jedi Academy
The power of slicing your way through waves of enemies with a light-sabre, double sabre, or (my personal favourite) dual sabres was intoxicating. Intuitive sabre and force controls made it one of the few campaign-based games I have played through multiple times.

3. Command & Conquer
C&C was probably the only ‘modern-warfare’ RTS I really enjoyed. Nice story and challenging maps made it a treat.
2. Total Anihilation – Kingdoms
The one, unlimited resource made this extremely frustrating in many respects, but the beautiful balance between the kingoms of earth, water, air and fire made it a stunning experience.
1. Warcraft 2
My first introduction to RTS and I have not seen better since. Simple in comparison to modern RTS games but had a wonderful feel of balance.

RPG (Single player and MMO)
3. Ice Wind Dale
One of the few singler player RPG’s that let you customise your entire party, not just the main character and comined with a great story, it was a treat to play. The sequel was pretty good too.
2. Diablo
Great ambience to this game and a quick feel to it made the game hours fly by. However the ‘click fast strategy’ couldn’t hold my interst when the sequel finally came out.
1. Baldur’s Gate
BG was my first introduction to charcter driven RPGs and it was an absolute treat.

Action / Adventure
3. Commander Keen 5 – Goodbye Galaxy
The whole CK series was a brilliant montage of colour and cartoonish violence, but if had to choose, I think the fifth installment would take the prize as most fun.
2. Prince of Persia – Sands of Time
One of only three titles I didn’t play on the PC (although it is available on PC). The original PoP was also close to making it, but this title had wonderful humour an a natural sense of pace and openess. The time-bending abilities were also a blast.
1. Portal
Simply perfection. Great, simple, funny story and a revolutionary game mechanic. God I hope they make a sequel. And if it has multi-player, I think I will lose control of my baldder.

3. Gran Tourismo
Friday nights during uni = touch football + pizza + booze + footy on tv + stupid board games + GT. Being able to drive pretty much any dream car on any dream track around the world was great.
2. Wii Sports
I still love having a hit of tennis or baseball and not having to press buttons. Actually being able simulate the actions of the motions is awesome. More of it I say!
1. Death Track
There was something very relaxing about driving and shooting other cars at the same time. I should probably see someone about that…

Casual / Web-based
3. Minesweeper
I don’t know why, but this windows classic just called to me. After I could not humanly get my best times down any lower, I went startegic in my game play by using the maximum grid and increasing the number of mines. My best was 200 which represented 27% of the grid. My name is Ali and I am a nerd.
2. Hattrick
Wonderful football (soccer) management game played through an internet browswer. Didn’t require a huge amount of game time and rewarded a patient approach to club development. Kep me amused for 4 years.
1. Battrick
How could Hattrick be better? Be cricket. Coming up to five years of play and every time I think I have had enough, I get roped back in.

3. Jedi Knight 2 – Jedi Academy
2. Battrick
1. Portal

5 Responses to “Favourite Games”

  1. tofu

    Nice list, uber nerd cred 😀

    For me…
    FPS: TF2, L4D, UT2k4.
    RPG: Diablo 2, NetHack, Exile 2.
    RTS: Starcraft, DoW, WC2.
    Puzz/Ad: Portal, The Lost Vikings 2, Trine.
    Racing: MC3, Burnout Revenge, Speed Freaks.
    Casual: Not really, too many other great games.
    Simulation: No, for me gaming is about going beyond “the real”, not simulating it 🙂

  2. how can i talk to you if you’re not on steam or msn or any other form of fracking communication device… lol

  3. FPS:
    1. TF2 – 170+ hours as a heavy and i still love it, provided i get a good medic occasionally (and boy are they hard to come by)
    2. L4D – Simply stunning gameplay – I think that because i was so against playing this game, it ended up surpassing all expectations.
    3. DOOM/QUAKE – I can’t differentiate between the two. Doom is here simply because it blew my mind and was the fist game to really scare me and get the adrenaline pumping. Quake is up there because it progressed the genre so well and was great to play.

    1. Warcraft 2 – By far the BEST RTS ever created. Simple, but that also made it very playable over hours and hours. I remember being in a stalemate situation for 7 hours, neither of us left to eat, drink or go to the bathroom… He didn’t see my massive naval fleet coming though and to date, thats is my single greatest RTS victory.
    2. Age of Empires 2 – Again, simple and very strategic

    Action Adventure:
    1. Return to ZORK – As a 15 year old with a 486 DX2, return to zork was just so different to games i had played before this (commodore 64 – mega drive), good story line and interesting puzzles. Spent $50.00 on calling their help\cheat line without realising it and got in huge touble. so worth it.
    2. Alex Kidd – Sega Mega-Drive (i think) simple 2d platform style adventure game. But after playing a C64, this game was a breath of fresh air, and i took forever to complete (might try and dowload an emulator)

    1. WOW – Definative in its dominance of the Genre… Time permitting it is a great game. Though the quests feel all the same and grinding becomes tedious. Still makes my list though.

    1.0 Microsofts original Flight Simulator – Again played on a 486 DX2 – spent way too much time trying to land on the carrier’s with a little single engine cessna.

    Casual Gaming:
    NO SUCH THING – Its hardcore gaming all the way… whoooh GO CLAN SNAP

  4. Ok, for me:
    FPS: TF2 – Enough Said, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory – The first FPS I really got into with Fumbles, needless to say our gaming relationship has gone from there! L4D – Loads of zombie fun (especially when I get to be the zombie!).

    RTS: The Warcraft series is hard to go past, especially 2 and 3, they’ve probably been the ones that have held my attention most.

    RPG – Well the game that I have spent the most hrs on ever comes into this category, World of Warcraft, a game that will go down in history as one of the greatest with 11mill subscribers!
    Simulation: EA Sports does many good sports sims, such as Soccer, Ice Hockey, Basketball and more. I have always enjoyed playing these.

    Fighting: I enjoyed the Mortal Kombat series, and was also good at Teken too, not everyone’s cup of tea, but it kept me entertained =)

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