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Left 2 Die

Left 2 Die would be a better name than Left 4 Dead 2, amirite?

If you’ve been reading your Steam News updates you’ve probably seen most of this already, but I thought it was worth a repost…

Nice new footage of Left 4 Dead 2 available, showing decisive consequences to team mistakes (via Shacknews):

And while I’m posting about Valve, I’d like to point out this extended Good Game interview with Valve CEO Gabe Newell. I found it quite interesting, I especially liked his explanation of why draconian DRM on games is teh sux0rz and why DRM promotes piracy. As noted elsewhere, it was also interesting to hear his suggestion that gamers could fund game development rather than publishers.

4 Responses to “Left 2 Die”

  1. Ali

    That looks slightly nuts. Did a common infected knock that guy back a mile before getting eaten by the squid thing?

  2. tofu

    You’re right, that is strange. I hadn’t really noticed, but yeah, maybe an unseen attacker on the left? Sends him flying right, then the Charger gets to him. I really like the look of the new player character line up, “Coach” lol.

  3. tofu

    Extended vids here.

    Featuring a Spitter, nice. And a melee weapon just for Ali (I’m sure he’ll be keen to hit a few sixes).

    PS Pillz here!

  4. tofu

    You’ve probably already seen it, but just in case, Valve released the following screeny:

    Awesome much?

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