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Nothing Special – A Theory


Since our aborted attempt at the ‘Nothing Special’ achievement last night, I have tried a couple of runs single player and done very well…. until a tank. This got me thinking.

Would the best way to geyt it be to actually to have 1 if not 2 NPCs in the team?

NPCs seems to be very good at picking off specials (especially smokers). Obviously they are a liability when it comes to tanks but 2 or 3 humans with shotguns should be able to take one down quickly.

Also, ‘No Mercy’ is not a bad finale for this acheivement. On easy, the radio room is completely closed in with only 2 entrances in which a tank can get through (and 3 in which they can get stuck) and I am thinking some well set-up LPGs could be the answer there. Hold onto pipes to cover the run to chopper.

Thoughts, comments, scathing criticisms welcome.

That is all,

5 Responses to “Nothing Special – A Theory”

  1. tofu

    I think it sounds like a plan. We’ve given this achievement a fair go as a straight up 4 player mission and I’m convinced that approach could take a million attempts. As long as we aren’t exploiting map glitches or noclip flying through the campaign I’m willing to get a little creative.

    That article recommends taking NPC(s) then kicking them as a tank approaches (could bind the commands to a key to do this quickly). The question is, can we get NPCs back again after the tank?

  2. Interesting idea. NPCs can be a little unpredictable, and they do have a tendency to look after NPCs before snappers!

    Blood Harvest was the easiest campaign for avoiding boomers when we did stomach upset. Fewer corridors with rooms for them to hide in. They’re pretty slow on easy tho.

    What are the panic events in no mercy? I remember the lift. The generator room? Gas station? Are we ok with specials on all those? They don’t sound too bad.

    If someone is nabbed by a smoker, you can free them before they get dragged into an obstacle, or the smoker starts wailing on them. Ranged weapons are good, especially hunting rifle, to free someone caught in the drag.

    Hunters worry me the most, they’re quick to start damaging.

    Be fun to try though.

  3. Here’s a twist. Rather than NPCs, have a
    couple of players go idle. Then, rather than kick the NPCs, players can kick in when needed. You get an extra eyes and ears then too. Not sure if being idle would disqualify one from the achievement, but I’m prepared to give it a go.

  4. tofu

    That’s a great idea. I’m happy to select “take a break” (opt to go idle) and rejoin for tanks. Even if I don’t score the achievement, if the technique works, we can always repeat it so we can all get it.

  5. Ali

    Excellent suggestion Spiii. Start with 4 players, let 3 go idle immediately and come back in when for tanks, panic events and finale.

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