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Joy to the world!

Valve have saved Christmas yet again this year by sliding a modified version of L4D2 past the Australian OFLC board!

Apparently the new version no longer contains depictions of decapitations, dismemberment, wound detail, or piles of bodies lying about the environment, which I believe is a fair compromise for awesome new maps, specials (apparently there will be a female Boomer) and gameplay (see Scavenge Mode).

The early histeria around this game was hilarious, but I have always been firmly in the Valve-usually-treat-us-right-plus-L4D2-represents-a-legitimate-full-new-game-so-I’m-more-than-happy-to-pay-for-it camp.

I think it’s fair to say I’m excited, and that No(one-left-behind)vember will be a good month!

PS Thanks to Spiii for passing on the good news (and the comic)!

11 Responses to “Joy to the world!”

  1. Ali

    Scavenger mode looks awesome!

    Is this a bad time to mention I have a work trip tentatively scheduled for 18-27 November?

  2. tofu

    No time’s a good time for that sort of news 🙁

    If you can’t get out of it, around Friday 13th I’d suggest you run around the nearest hospital pashing patients. Swine flu has to be better than missing L4D2 launch!

  3. and just in case anyone skipped through the update news, you can now preorder L4D2 in AU — save 10%, get the exclusive baseball bat, and get the demo early! It’s $44.99 (USD) which I reckon is just shy of $50 for us, with the aussie dollar being strong. Although I don’t think paypal have the exchange rate quite right …

  4. tofu

    Good call. Also if we organise to buy in teams of four we can get the four pack for $33.75 each!

    Yell out if you’re interested in an awesome foursome.

  5. Ali

    Already bought a single on friday. Does everyone get the bat if you buy a four pack or just the purchaser?

  6. tofu

    The way it reads, I would say you all four would get the bat

  7. Nakor

    I’d be up for that. Let me know who is purchasing the 4 pack and I will wire them the money :D.

  8. tofu

    Ali and Spiii are already locked and loaded. So if you are all keen I’m thinking maybe: Fumbles, Nakor, Shmitee and Okahey. Then frag_spawn, dr zorr, myself and another (Misa, you interested?).

    If all else fails, maybe the LS crew can hook us up.

  9. This buying in bulk, I dunno, seems like the short road to … glitchin’ to me! Whaddya think Ali? Can we trust bulk buyers? 🙂

    Just kidding folks. Great idea, if only I’d waited … but so long as we get to play it it’s all golden!!

  10. tofu

    TOG Bugsquash (aka Sexual Sniper) wants in on our foursome action, so we are getting close to two groups of four. Nakor, Fumbles, Shmitee, Dr Zorr, I think you guys are ready to go. Us leftovers will band together when we get organised.

  11. tofu

    Joy to the world again!

    If we get an R18+ classification, L4D2 might get released in full gore!

    …re-classification of MA15+ titles as R18+ (with a view to removing the modifications of current MA15+ titles that have had to undergo changes in order to pass within the current guidelines).

    (Via Gamespot)

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