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A solution to all the gore you could ask for

Solution found at:

Just to clarify step by step I used to get uncensored version working.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2 demo\left4dead2

1. Open the steam.inf file which will look like

2. Changed the appID to say 510 and save the file.

3. Run the left4dead2.exe from inside the left 4 dead 2 demo folder.

Note: you will only be able to play single player with gore on, no multiplayer at this stage by the looks.

OK, A friend and I got multiplayer working with gore. Just tested.

The problem is that because we changed our AppID, we can no longer join the existing L4D2 dedicated servers because they do not match our AppID. Thus this explains why all the SteamGroup servers disappear.

To work around this, I tried hosting my own dedicated L4D2 server with its AppID changed to 510 too. And what do you know, it works.

If anyone’s up now, feel free to test by manually connecting.

EDIT: We just got a Whirlpoolian join. Tested. Works.
I guess now we just need people to host more “custom” servers.

EDIT 2: If you get a “STEAM Validation” error, this seems to be Steam caching your AppID or something. Just wait a short while (1min) and relaunch the app. It will work eventually.

All I can say is OMG the game is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. I am no longer dissapointed, I just hope there will be this kind of solution when the full game comes out.

13 Responses to “A solution to all the gore you could ask for”

  1. tofu

    Enjoy it while you can. Valve will patch this soon for sure – they’d get in trouble if they didn’t.

  2. Ali

    Interesting one. OFLC would have passed the game as presented so Valve cant be held accountable there (presuming they haven’t done a swifty and uploaded a different version). The only way I can see it changing is if OFLC ammends their classification or adds something like a licence condition. Not sure if their legislation has this capability.

  3. Oh yes they can, they changed GTA San Andreas from MA to RC (effectively banning it) when the hot coffee controversy came out.

    Still, this is just the demo for l4d2 … I dunno how they’ll react.

    If it’s true it’s not illegal for us to own an RC game (just illegal to sell) then it would nice if there were a way for us to enable the ‘real’ thing.

    Thanks for the post Shmitee!

  4. Just played it in single player (ps: the post is right, you gotta run .exe from windows explorer, don’t launch the game from steam – have steam running tho)

    much more intense!

    SWAT zombies! Are these censored? Or just randomly in/out of a level. This is the first time I saw them … tough.

    Silenced sub … nice, but does that silencer mean attracts fewer zombies? Didn’t notice …

    Machete! Definitely only saw saucepans, guitars and nightsticks before … trying to machete through the gauntlet, I can see how L4D2 (uncensored) is considerably more violent than L4D. I prefer the gee-tar, twang!!

    Was that a combat sniper rifle? It sure leaves big holes!!

    Yay, flames on burning zombies!! Burning no longer looks like the monster mash.

    Hey, boomer bile attracts hordes! Awesome. We’ll be throwing that on our mates in no time, no doubt. Still dunno who canned it, and why …

    This is L4D as you want to see it. Doesn’t feel like a ghost town, far more intense and immersive. Definitely the way to play. Hope it is fixed for AU, permanently, on full release, somehow …

  5. tofu

    I saw ‘machetes’ and ‘Boomer bile’ in the censored version (I didn’t see SWAT though). Of course the machete could have been a bunch of flowers for all the effect it had.

    Will try 510 version now.

  6. tofu

    Ok. Gore mode makes for a much better game. I could take a compromise though (like perhaps the gore level from the original L4D). Our censored version of L4D2 just goes too far and messes with my suspension of disbelief.

    Also, the game felt harder with gore on, I liked it! Perhaps it was just added confusion from the visual noise of dead zombies on the ground, IDK…

  7. tofu

    Boomer bile is fun, but not as good as a pipe bomb, for example:
    Bile on common infected, yeah they’ll take some damage from other infected.
    Bile on a tank, don’t bother (it just summons more commons to get in your way).
    Bile on a witch… Arrgghhh! my eyes, don’t scratch at my eyes!!

    Also noticed all right-click-melee suffers from fatigue even in campaign mode. I guess that’s to encourage use of melee weapons.

  8. melee fatigue, yeah. a nice touch tho… if someone picks up a melee weapon, they’ll drop their pistol and someone else can have it for dual pistols. pistols still have unlimited ammo and are pretty effective.

    we need to play some vs, I wanna try out the new special infected!

    i also find the game significantly harder uncensored. maybe it’s all the splashing and bodies reducing the visibility, maybe it’s the intensity … it just works better.

    did you try out the jukebox? i love the jukebox 🙂

  9. Ali

    Oh, sweet dismemberment, how I have missed thee.

  10. tofu

    We should definitely try this

  11. Brb just need a change of pants after reading irama’s last comment about L4D2, h**l YEAH! Let’s do it tonight…..

  12. tofu
  13. tofu

    This looks good too. It’s a 1GB download, but sounds very polished.

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