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Decisions, Decisions


Well just played the full version of L4D2 and the the good news is the “510” fix still works for the full game so you can play with gore. The bad news is that I don’t think you can get acheivements this way. When you start it this way, they all become unlocked.

This is a tough call for me – I like the challenge of trying to get the acheivements, coming up with new strats etc. The gore is nice, but as mentioned previously, not a deal breaker for me. Decisions, decisions…

Anyway, the game seems intense. I won’t describe the finale of The Parish (the campaign I just played through) except to say it was awesomely different.

Oh and my very first zombie I encountered (and killed) was a SWAT. Nicely poetic.

That is all,

3 Responses to “Decisions, Decisions”

  1. Interesting. Can you toggle between 510 and whatever-the-number-is and play with gore OR get achievements?

    Oh why does it take so long to unlock!! Use all four cores steam, c’mon!!

  2. tofu

    Yes, you can switch between 550 and 510 at will

  3. tofu

    So gory. Soooo good!


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