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The war continues …

Yes, we’ve all taken a crack at demos and sollies — I’ve been playing as a BLU spy disguised as a BLU soldier, using the dead ringer to fake death (does it fake the “ding” update to the war effort?) I think this distracts the RED demoman, leaving him vulnerable to attack from real BLU sollies! Also as BLU pyro, and I gotta know: if BLU pyro reflects RED rocket into RED demoman, does it make a sound? Yes! Kinda of a satisfying “POW-splooosh” — but does it contribute to the war? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! HAW!

Mostly, I’ve been waging my own private war against flying rats in Liberty City. There are only 200 (not 2 billion!) thankfully. Here’s the first 100 down!

If the embedding didn’t work, here’s the link:

4 Responses to “The war continues …”

  1. That had me grinning the whole video, I liked the commando roll and shoot kill and the one where you popped him from behind the wall shooting above your head. Very nice work!

  2. tofu

    Nice! Must have been quite an effort recording all of them.

  3. recording was easy… had to shoot ’em for the achievement and recording is just “F2” in GTA! editing took a while tho, yeah, I’m glad they’re done! 🙂

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