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Maybe next time

Well, it’s all over. We didn’t place, but I think we did a top job — if I do say so myself. Can’t say I’m not disappointed, but they certainly picked 3 fine entries.

The best part is, I can now reveal the epic final submissions from our very own snappers…

Dr Zorr Wants You

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about being fingered by a Demo (also about Zorr’s entry).

Spiii’s Spy Inspires Mayhem

Machiavellian in it’s construction, Spiii’s comic outline’s his plan to take over the world (by picking on poor Demos everywhere).

Demolishous Demo

I wanted the slogan for this poster to be a ‘call to action’, but I should have gone with frag_spawn’s suggested ‘motto’ instead, it was much funnier.

Unleash The Monster

I lost the plot a bit here, but had fun with it, and managed to slip in a not-so-veiled reference to the Demo’s bagpipe if ya know what I mean. Initially there were two references — quite by accident I assure you, that was a soldier’s foot people!

Roll Credits

Thank you to everyone for your contributions, peer review and support, especially Spiii, Dr Zorr, Annwn, Ali, frag_spawn, Shmitee, Nakor and Fumbles.

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