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First Draft

Hi All,

This is just a quick post of the first draft of ‘Bone SNAP’ the Brass Trio that has been commishioned by clan .

Andy and Shmitee, I would love your input, ideas and thoughts so please don’t be shy, i’m an average arranger at best, but i did have alot of fun putting this draft together. Download the audio and scores from the comments section of this post.

The plan is that we will play and hopefully record, all or part, of the song at the New Years Eve Bash in Brisbane.

Catch you all soon.


P.s. I did not create the tetris arrangement, i was lucky enough to find this on the web 🙂

7 Responses to “First Draft”

  1. Listened to Bone SNAP and could pick TF2 (rocket waltz?) and portal (I’m still alive) but the third one I dunno and it wasn’t left 4 dead!!! Surely those eerie strains belong in there somewhere ~:)

    All the other music stuff went over my head sadly.

  2. Nailed it for the first two songs spiii… After that comes Age of Empires II, followed by Warcraft II and World of Warcraft.

  3. tofu

    Mate, these are BLOODY BRILLIANT! The Windows Shutdown coda… priceless! I’m going to start practicing.

  4. tofu

    And here’s the rough recording we made of Fumbles’ arrangement on New Years Eve:


  5. Nakor

    Hahaha… I like it :D.

  6. what no tribute to the buff banner? nah, very good, but unusual LAN activity 😉

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