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Agenda revealed

We’ve been talking about Global Agenda for a while now. On Friday, we were finally granted access to the beta! Sure, it’s the fully open public beta, only weeks away from the game’s advertised shipping date, but beggars can’t be choosers. Now that we’ve had a weekend to play with it, I thought I’d write up some thoughts.

In short, it’s a bit like TF2 + Borderlands + Sci Fi (Unreal Tournament perhaps?). I still think I would find FPS perspective more immersive, but TPS perspective is workable and begrudgingly I can admit it might make melee combat a little easier (through virtue of increased visibility of your immediate surroundings).

I can see this game becoming something of an obsession for those brave enough — foolhardy enough? — to step forward and join the ranks of Agency SNAP.

At least one snapper has requested some Fraps footage (spiii, I’m looking at you), so here it is, enjoy!

PS If you haven’t purchased Global Agenda yet and you’re interested, leave a comment, we can try to organise four packs (for a healthy cost saving).

11 Responses to “Agenda revealed”

  1. frag_spawn

    Who else is up to join me in a Global Agenda 4pack. I’ll organise, if youre happy to fwd me funds into my Account, e-mail me:


  2. I found that a bit confusing in all honesty (and not the 3rd person – big GTA/zelda fan here!) … looked like a lot of medding and a nice big shield and a sneaky assassin? Are they like spies!?

  3. but … the trailer looks very very cool! JP, I’ll be in for a 1 of a 4 pack if we got another 2 takers 🙂

  4. tofu

    Yeah, I’ve been doing more medding, but there are other classes. Also a poison-specced medic can do a lot of damage. The assassins are like spies, also recons can be like spies. We played PvP tonight, quite different, but very cool!

  5. tofu

    BugSquash is in. Just one more, Okahey?

  6. tofu

    Okahey is in. That’s a wrap!

  7. Yep, brilliant! Thanks for purchasing frag, thanks for rounding up the posse irama! Now, as soon as the farming stops I’ll get the rest of the download …

  8. I played online! I got lots confused … need snappers! ~:)

  9. thanks for the assist Ali and irama! I know a bit more what I am doing now. Most importantly, I have discovered the killer feature of the game, and it is … /jig !!

  10. tofu
  11. Ali


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