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Farewell – Long live!!

Well it wasn’t pretty, but it was grey, and that’s gotta count for something! I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s gone!! Replaced by a younger, darker grey model.

The driver for this redesign was to bring focus back to the most important elements… the content. Over the past 2 years your posts and comments are what have made this site great (IMHO), so it’s about time they took centre stage!

Shout out to Dr Zorr for his ideas and inspiration. Other influences include Crysis and Steam 2010.

More changes to come in future, including selectable skins and improved profile pages. For now, take a look around, it’s not too different. All feedback and suggestions welcome!

PS Site works best in good browsers (also in this great browser).

2 Responses to “Farewell – Long live!!”

  1. I’m not taking any credit for this irama! It’s all you dude – genius!

  2. tofu

    Denying credit, is it that bad?? 😉

    BTW it should be easy to skin, so if you have ideas or requests for a new skin, let me know.

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