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Brink… game changer?

I saw some info about Brink a while ago and thought the art style looks amazing!! However, I immediately made the assumption ahhh… great art, therefore this is a single player console-centric game.

So I’m pretty excited now to find out I was wrong! Brink will support 8v8 online multiplayer (public and friends-only matches) with seamless drop-in-and-out matchmaking (similar to TF2). I’m hesitant to even suggest such a thing so early on, but — knock on wood — this might just be one of those games we find as fun and flexible as TF2?

And this might be a game-changer for other reasons, it uses an intelligent movement system to bring more natural action to FPS.

Tentatively slated for release in September, it’s another game we’ll have to wait for, but my feeling is that Brink will be worth the wait.

5 Responses to “Brink… game changer?”

  1. you mean it could be another global agenda? :]

  2. tofu

    I like global agenda. But for a game that wants to be considered an MMO it’s surprising it doesn’t make it easy for more than 4 of us to play PvP together. In that respect it sounds like Brink will be different.

  3. Ali

    Looks like it could have potential. The tactical coordination aspect appeals – depends how well they implement that “SMART” function I think. If they dont get that right it could be frustrating.

  4. tofu

    I really like that physical appearance will reflect player stats. That way I know at a glance what I’m up against and can choose how to tackle them… or choose to run away! 🙂

  5. there is 4v4 PVP in GA now. well, there’s not anything *now* because they just shut the server down again. also high/max security PvE have more waves of enemies so less of a bore (but no match for the wave of enemies in l4d! 😉

    brink does sound like it has potential. proof is in the playing 🙂

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