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Global Agenda is now 100% subscription free

From twitter. Global Agenda is now 100% subscription free. Soak it up:

Now we purchasers can play all of it for as long as we like. No fear of it becoming locked when subs are brought in.

Future content will be sold as expansion packs. But we get the rest of sandstorm free first.

Nice. I think. MMO without the sub. AvA anyone?

ps: GTA was the first MMO.

3 Responses to “Global Agenda is now 100% subscription free”

  1. Ali

    Oh yeah! You know you want to play now everyone! Except for maybe Fumbles…

  2. tofu

    I knew that would happen. The super-desperate follow-up survey said it all:

  3. I played Max Sec today and it was epic. Even got some epic loot!

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