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Zoey or … Global Agenda?

As Ali predicted, here is the long awaited Global Agenda vs Zoey smackdown. You know what that means: time to compare heroines!

Weapon of choice

Recon with ghost sword
Dual pistols
Zoey with dual (black) pistols
Mode of transportation

Dropship and jetpacks
On foot, chopper crash in background
Ya gotta hoof it if ya gonna shoot the pilots
Villianess aspirations

Think Tank
Witch turning towards viewer
The Witch
Most startled by

Room full of witches

No Elves in GA
Francis shocked as Zoey kisses a witch
Witches – not anymore!
Best mates

Every Agent is your friend against the Commonwealth
Zoey with L4D survivors
Same ol’ survivors (well, technically Bill died and the other survivors met in passing …)
Best in lego

FAIL! There is no GA lego, despite Hi-Rez artist Rick Ruiz stating it is his preferred medium.
Lego Zoey
Lego Zoey
Most colourful

A riot of colour in raids
Zoey in the sewers
Pretty dim in these smoky sewers
Best cosplay

Assault agent makes an appearance at E3
3 guys in costume as Bill, Francis and Zoey
Guys in drag
Who’s got the moves

Getting jiggy with it!
Zoey startles the witch artwork
Not those kinds of moves Zoey!


So is Global Agenda worth your dosh? (What is dosh anyway?) Does it matter since you all bought it anyway? Is it worth playing? If being able to tell your mates “yeah, I danced a merry jig on that Switchblade’s grave!!” is as important to you as it is to me, then yes!

Fumbles may have been mildly offended in the writing of this post.

5 Responses to “Zoey or … Global Agenda?”

  1. tofu

    They now only allow 2 ppl teams for the PvP queue. 2 PPL TEAMS!!!! Just play L4D

  2. Augh we missed the Survival VS mutation!! New mutation today is “Four swordsmen” (armed only with the katana, against special infected).

    In GA news, they have a fancy new trailer here:

  3. for those interested in how GA is changing!

  4. tofu

    I know they are trying hard to give the punters what they think they want, but surely this is a dead end.

    The gameplay for open PvE is *very* WoW-esque. Emulating gameplay mechanics from a game released in 2004 is not going to excite players in 2010 — no matter how many emotionally invested fans still play WoW today, they don’t play it for the grind.

    Borderlands is the other game that springs to mind (being a Role Playing Shooter). Though I would say that Borderlands is far more engaging in terms of interesting level and enemy design and the loot is more abundant and varied, all in all making for a more compelling experience.

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