IE 6? Just upgrade. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


In hiding

I succumbed to a super cheap plain sight 4 pack.

Not sure how it plays, but it was too cheap to refuse.

First three commenters get a free copy!

11 Responses to “In hiding”

  1. wow that is cheap
    and up to 20 players in multiplayer? nice change!

    ps: has everyone grabbed their copy of worms, and their bonus hat and holy hand grenades for Soldier in TF2?

  2. tofu

    Ok. There’s a reason it’s really cheap. The gameplay is not what I would call, um… convincing.

  3. Plain Sight is difficult. I never have any idea what the h**l is going on, and then I die.

  4. Was it worth it?

  5. tofu

    @spoonerist ditto. @Shmitee no.

  6. Ok that’s quite possibly the worse game I have played…… ever!

  7. that’s a lie! don’t you remember degenetron?

  8. tofu

    I know not of Degenatron. But that Defender of the Faith emulator is a dreadful experience.

  9. Hmm the plain sight graphics are marginally better but the game play is far worse! lol 😉

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