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LAN lineup

Last year saw the inaugural new year’s lanAuld LAN Syne Episode I: Attack of the Bones.

This year delivers us a sequel… Auld Lan Syne Episode II: Revenge of the Vuvuzela.

Always know where your towel is

Bring booze, trombone/vuvzela/noisemaker, bedding, teddy bear, night light, anything else you need to last you a day or two.

Pre-load as many of the following as possible:

Game Probability of playing?
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Very likely
Blur Very likely
Team Fortress 2 Likely
Left For Dead 2 Likely
Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising Possible
UT2K4 Possible
Worms Reloaded Possible
Command and Conquer 3 Kane’s Wrath Possible
Other… Possible
Altitude or Global Agenda Maybe if Fumbles falls asleep early…

Spray and pray

A commemorative spray is available from the members-only section (if you have RSVP’d a personalised spray is also available for you).

Other prep

Other preparatory tips are available from the members-only lannage page.

19 Responses to “LAN lineup”

  1. Ali

    The cinematic trailer now has a matching poster (and spray). Nice.

    You are one hoopy frood.

  2. Ali

    Dumb question, but how do you RSVP? I want my own spray d**n it!

  3. tofu

    Ooops, don’t know how I forgot yours (it was late). And ran out of colours—how do you feel about Gold with two-tone Vader goggles?
    It should be available now from the ‘Auld LAN Syne 2 personalised sprays’ bundle now.

  4. Shouldn’t we have altitude on the list? And who could forget … Global Agenda! The clan had high expectations for it last new years’, but interest waned after beta and it was voted Most Snoring. Deserved a mention in this comment.

    Did I mention Altitude? 😉

  5. Ali


  6. tofu

    As requested, GA and Altitude added to the list 😛

  7. Lol

  8. tofu

    If you are bored and/or would like to prepare further for the LAN, check out the new members-only page about LAN prep. Feel free to add other prep activities as relevant.

  9. Why do we NOT have a LIKE Button???

  10. tofu

    How’s this?

  11. tofu

    That reminds me, I must install this.

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