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F@#k the Republic


Your tasks for this weekend:

  1. Stop b******g about SWTOR and get with the program.
  2. Head on over to
  3. Join the ‘SNAP Dark’ guild.
  4. Uninstall WoW.

And to anyone wondering what happened to ‘SNAP Light’, to quote ZP, “What kind of loser plays Alliance Republic honestly?”. That and I could only create one guild at the moment.

That is all,

9 Responses to “F@#k the Republic”

  1. tofu

    Dark side for life!

  2. signed up. someone nicked ‘spiii’ but i undercut them with ‘spii’ hah! it’s probably subscription based right? I’ll likely have to decline if so.

  3. Ali

    To all the doubters out there (I am looking at you Shmitee), have a look at the latest entry on the SWTOR blog. VERY interesting read.

    And what’s more, it would appear that closed beta is well underway. Yay!

  4. Ali

    BTW, if anyone hasn’t seen this vid yet, make sure you give it a look. Great look at combat with a good look at a number of classes.

  5. tofu

    I like the idea of advanced classes, and their data-driven methods for balancing quests is very clever.

    My thoughts on the gameplay footage:

    1. Long interactive diaglogue sequences… boring
    2. WoW-like party mechanics… will only work if we all get serious about it
    3. Still reusing soundtracks from the movies… Please tell me they will have fresh John Williams / LSO tracks that ship with the final game or I will have to switch the music off.
  6. Ali

    “Long interactive diaglogue sequences… boring”

    It’s called immersion!

    Bioware has a strong pedigree in story-driven RPGs so I am actually looking forward to this component of the game. Actually I am even considering potentially going a true RP character.

  7. Ali

    yes, it will have original kick-a*s music.

  8. tofu

    kick-a*s perhaps, but original? ‘creatively derivative’ at least 😛

    Tough gig. Gotta walk that line between familiar but different for a SW game.

    Sounds like the lead composer has good cred from KOTOR II.

    I’ll look forward to hearing what they come up with.

  9. Ali

    Man, tough crowd!

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