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You have 1 month to complete Portal 2…

…then Brink is out.

Sadly, no multipacks for purchase on Steam. No system requirements either! :/

Important clan dates again:

21 April
Play Portal 2
24 April
Eat chocolate
20 May
Play Brink

10 Responses to “You have 1 month to complete Portal 2…”

  1. Ali

    If Portal ‘Classic’ is anything to go by, I think that one month will be sufficient, even with the addition of multi-player co-op.

    And when did Brink decied to rip on Borderlands and go cell-shaded?

    That is All,

    PS – I’m still alive.

  2. tofu

    Good to know you’re still alive! (got net yet?)

    Brink is looking mighty fine, I can’t wait.

  3. tofu

    Brink isn’t cel shaded, but it has always had a stylised ‘illustration’ feel to the textures and shading.

    I’d say its art style is closer to TF2 (diffuse phong shading) meets Crysis 2 (high detail) meets the elongated features of ancient Egyptian art meets eurovision-gangsta attire meets a whole bunch of other dystopian sci-fi inspired accessories.

    Ok, there’s a little Borderlands in there, like the rusty metal hues of container city and the gas mask sporting goons.

    Looks like a very nice deliberate blend of styles and influences.

  4. Ali

    Net was scheduled to be connected on 1 April which was the day I flew out to Vienna. Would have been a great April Fool’s joke if it weren’t true. I get back early on Sunday week (17 April) so hopefully all will be good and I get online just in time to download Portal 2. Going to be a Portal-kind-of-Easter…

    Agree that Brink isnt genuinely cel-shaded but this clip seems a little more cartoonish than I remember. The crate city map, along with the highly divergent focus between forground and background reminds me a lot of Borderlands though.

  5. tofu

    Yeah depth of field effects are popular in shooters these days.

    We look forward to catching you online when you return!

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