IE 6? Just upgrade. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


The night is upon us

It’s coming. It’s gonna’ drop early, I just know it!

For tomorrow night be pre-loaded, be ready, be rested. It’s going to be a long one 😀

17 Responses to “The night is upon us”

  1. Ali

    Balls! I am leaving Vienna tomorrow. Going to be the longest flight home ever (and at over 24-hours, that is not far from the truth)

  2. tofu

    For your sake, I hope the early date is a hoax then (the cake is a lie).

    Talk soon!

  3. whatthe… what happened to the clan site. why the counter? what happened to the logo! what’s going on!!! you’ve got it baddddd! ps: why does global agenda want to download a 4GB update when portal2 should be preloading? why!

  4. tofu

    I agree. I’m very disappointed in Valve.

  5. Ali

    Just about to board at Vienna. Looks like the early release is linked to how many people play a bunch of Indy games on Steam, including Super Meat Boy. Currently at 90 hours. I will be home in about 24 hours plus a couple to set up net and DL. I expect P2 to be released by then so get you Super Ramsden Boys need to pull your finger out.
    See you on the other side.

  6. someone has some ‘splaining to do!! 😉

    I’m told the countdown was the pre-order cut-off? hehe.

  7. tofu

    I think they’ve done their explaining, the cake was a lie!

    I guess they’re pitching for ‘fun ARG’ but probably hit too close to ‘sell out manipulative marketing ploy’ (again) for my taste. Their ‘treasure hunt’ from the end of last year confirmed that they could actually get ppl to spend more money to participate in their meta-games.

    Will scrape the new countdown and track that instead. I need as much portal 2 time this week as possible before commitments over Easter kick in.

  8. Ali

    Not sure if ‘the cake is a lie’ it is just taking a little longer to bake.

    Down to 81 hours (from 90) which means ~3 hours have been shaved in the 6 hours it has taken me to fly from Vienna to Dubai. Need to pick up the rate people!

  9. tofu

    Speaking of 4GB updates, after downloading 9GB for portal 2 my steam continued to pull down a further ~4GB not associated with any game. Did anyone else notice a large anonymous download in steam?

  10. Leela

    Tofu, I just logged in to see if the mystery 4gb downloaded (I haven’t ordered Portal yet). Nothing downloaded.

  11. tofu

    I’m thinking the mystery 4GB must be portal related. I wonder what it is??

  12. I didn’t see any mystery update. Are you sure you don’t have GA installed?

  13. tofu

    I do have it installed, but this download was definitely not attributed to GA. I restarted Steam to see if that helped, it then downloaded a further 2.2GB…

  14. Leela

    I spoke too soon. Steam crashed and when I logged back in a download started. No details of what it was.

  15. tofu

    You too! Weird!

  16. steam update?

    if only it were fixing the PRICE GOUGERS!!

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