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So I Googled ZOMGICFW to see if it meant what I suspected it did… look at the results. CLAN SNAP DOMINATE.

6 Responses to “ZOMGICFW”

  1. I don’t even know what it means ~:)

  2. Leela

    I guessed it is “Z-OH my god I can’t f*%ken wait”

  3. tofu

    🙂 I’m waiting patiently for this awesome acronym to gain widespread infamy. To be sure, I’ve submitted the following to

    An extension of zOMG to include I Can’t Flippin’ Wait, ZOMGICFW implies that the writer can hardly contain the excitement they feel about an impending event or product release.

    This acronym can be used both to express true feelings of unabashed anticipation, or scathing satirical irony. The context in which it appears must be considered to determine its true intent.

    ZOMGICFW, the mother flippin’ rhymenocerous’ new album drops on Friday, the guest rap from hiphopopotamus is teh shiz!!!1

  4. Ali

    BTW, we need to SWTOR to this list.

  5. tofu


  6. tofu

    It’s working, it’s working!

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