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The SMARTslow way to preorder BRINK

You’ve heard about BRINK here before, but might have been put off by the USD 89.99 price tag on Steam. And rightly so, it made page 2 of the top rip-offs since it’s USD 49.99 in the US and £29.99 (about the same price) in the UK. It’s enough to make Fumbles rage-play Global Agenda: Free Agent (now free to play for everyone who wants to wear a turkey on their head). But before we cross that line—here is the SMART way to preorder BRINK: preorder BRINK for $38.83 (AUD) with free shipping from Ausgamez.

Yep, you will get a CD (what the heck are CDs?) Never fear, it is a steam game so once installed it’ll be in the familiar land of steam games. Just think of it as preloading via snail mail.

Now, I couldn’t decide which trailer to include here, so here are two.

One with a funky soundtrack…

And one with a Royal-wedding-commentator-like voiceover…

I guess they had to use a lady voiceover as there are no female characters in the game. That will make comparing heroines difficult, but—it’s been done before.

Got to say, I was happy to preorder for $38.83. No way I was paying $90!!

24 Responses to “The <del>SMART</del><ins>slow</ins> way to preorder BRINK”

  1. Ali

    Doesn’t matter to me as I pre-order this ages ago, but out of interest, when will you get the CD? Will they only send it once it is releaesed? Or will they send it ahead of time so you can install it and wait for it to be unlocked by Steam?

  2. We’ll find out 🙂

  3. tofu

    Thanks for pointing this out. I’m definitely going to order the snail mail option (even if I have to wait for it).

    Gotta send a message to those publishers/distributors who think they can continue to gouge us Aussies!

  4. tofu

    Good to see dedicated servers will be easy to set up (Thx to Spiii for the link).

    But I have to say, after looking at the instructional videos embedded on that page, I’m starting to fear they may have overcomplicated the gameplay.

    Have we learned nothing from TF2?? KISD!

  5. It only takes one snapper to deal with the overcomplicated game aspects, the rest of us can noob away shooting at everything! 🙂

  6. tofu

    Ha! That’s true.

    Count me in for n00bing away 😀

  7. Website says “shipped”. Happy about saving the $50, but slightly jealous that Ali gets to be insufferably smug about already having it. Not that he *is* insufferably smug, but that he can be. That’s always good to have up your sleeve.

  8. Ali

    No, I am smug.

  9. tofu

    So… How is it?

    (for us poor b******s waiting for delivery).

  10. and wating… 🙁

  11. and still waiting *sigh*

  12. Ali

    How is it? A little like this.

  13. tofu

    Really? Is it bad??

    Thats only SP though? If you play online your teammates are less dumb right?

    Shame that only engy can repair the robot though.

  14. Ali

    No it’s alright, even if the AI is a bit dumb. He should have gone an engy himself and there is benefit to capping the command post (health and supplies and enables change of class on the fly). I actually like the concept that everyone has a role. I particualry like that operatives (aka spies) are not as effective.

    Haven’t played a lot of MP yet. Been waiting for a few more to get their copies.

  15. Duly noted. I updated the post title! 🙂

  16. It’ss arrived! Now I just need to install it, and patch it, and not get shaped in the process! 🙂

  17. scored a free bandana too!
    new Brink bandana

  18. tofu

    Mine arrived also, but sans-bandana 🙁

    What are you holding??

  19. Could be a molotov, could be a toy stuffed turtle…

  20. ps: check envelop for bandana, I nearly missed it

  21. tofu

    Nah, I must have missed the pre-order gift (I didn’t get in in time).

    Great photo! That shirt’s a bit of a worry tho. Maybe you should photoshop that bad boy 😉

  22. what, public servants can’t cosplay noob style no more? 😉

  23. tofu

    I just thought it might send an odd message. Something along the lines of: Hi, my name is Spiii, I’m from the big q g and I’ve come to terrorise your pets!

  24. the secret’s out 😀

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