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6v6 TF2 scrims

I’ve signed up ClanSnap on this site, the signup for scrims requires at least six of us. To do this we register on the ozfortress site then associate this new user with our clan.

  • Our proposed available play timings are 8pm through midnight Thu – Sat
  • It would be real nice if we could get more than the minimum six snappers, if only to make the match quota on any given match we agree to play.
  • Grab your steam ID too, it’ll be needed to get the signup done right. (More info here)
  • Search for the clan SNAP, then click the link on the right that says ‘join’
  • They also host Mumble servers, for which we may have to login to during our nominated matches. (get the client here)
  • FYI there are no divisions between n00bs and l33ts, so we are probably gonna get p0wned from time to time!
  • I also read somewhere that ozfortress runs on +11 (Eastern Daylight Saving) ALL the time, so be prepared for Queensland Bumpkin confusion when organizing matches!

4 Responses to “6v6 TF2 scrims”

  1. tofu

    I think I’m signed up. How do I know if I’m against clan SNAP?

  2. tofu

    I worked it out. Sign up, search for ‘SNAP’ on this page, then click ‘join’.

  3. frag_spawn

    Looks like I had to moderate your request into ClanSNAP on that site. Given tofu admin rights, so you can approve any other clan join requests

  4. I’d sign up, but my net connection never holds up in tourney games :/

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