IE 6? Just upgrade. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Zoey or Triss…?

Seen are running a Witcher 2 special this weekend and been pondering do I want to play an epic single-player RPG choose-your-own-adventure type game? Worth it just to check out Good ol’ games awesome DRM and region-free online shop, imho. Still not convinced? There’s only one thing to do—time to compare heroines!

Weapon of choice
Triss shooting a fireball
Triss favours fireballs—watch your back!
Zoey posed with pistols outs
Zoey’s trademark pistols
Favourite hangout
Geralt and Triss at the elven baths
Elven ruins with indoor plumbing

Zombie apocalypse
Watch out for…
Triss compressed into a figurine
Nilfgaardian sorcery!
Hunter pounces on Zoey
Best in Lego
Lego Witcher picture
This is very sad—there is barely any Witcher based Lego
Zoey and Bill lego minifigs
Minifig excellence
Best in papercraft
Geralt and Triss papercraft models
Witcher fans embrace papercraft
Zoey papercraft model
Zoey minecraft based papercraft
Random quote
Triss casting a spell
Addan quen spars-paerpe’tlon Vort!
Zoey healing
I know we gotta move, but I gotta heal you

So is The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings worth your dosh? (What is dosh anyway?)
If being able to play a game again and again from different angles until you finally figure out how you should have spent those skills to unlock adrenaline finishers faster is as important to you as it is to me, then yes 🙂

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