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LanSmash 24th and maybe 25th Sept

6 snappers were on last night and with some of us drunk, we all agreed to be in Nathan for LanSmash’s next event SpringSmash. Specifically to defend our honor of 2nd best in a 6v6 TF2 comp Sat Arvo.

Those out-of-town snappers interested are welcome to crash at my place, and the usual post-smash glow LAN can be here on Sunday.

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8 Responses to “LanSmash 24th and maybe 25th Sept”

  1. Rammy

    sounds good

  2. tofu

    So how many are coming and have we registered a team yet?

    Count me in for Soldier or Medic!

  3. frag_spawn

    5 are in the definitely maybe camp:

    Fumbles & Shmitts offer their apologies

    Who can be the 6th?

  4. Yep, I’ll be along. I need to setup my lanbook for TF2 again…

  5. tofu

    I’m thinking maybe we can co-ordinate sprays. Here’s something I’ve been working on (comprised of 6 sprays).

    Grab ’em here and we’ll sort out who will spray what for Saturday later (Instructions here).

  6. tofu

    It works!

    Thank you gentlemen for helping to test it out.

  7. I thought they were turrets for a moment!

  8. Rammy

    So when are we aiming to turn up tomorrow.

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