IE 6? Just upgrade. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Joy to the World, Your Lord has Come

Merry Christmas b*****s.

That is All,

6 Responses to “Joy to the World, Your Lord has Come”

  1. Ali

    Now that a release date has been set, I expect that everyone will want to join up to our guild, ‘SNAP Dark’. Go here for more details or if you need an invite, please let me know.

    I stand ready for a flood of requests…

  2. I can’t tell what that picture is, is it Global Agenda 2.0?

  3. Ali

    From Dec 20 it will be Second Life v2.0 for me.

  4. excellent, I’ll be able to offload those Linden dollars 🙂

  5. frag_spawn

    Better hope the servers don’t block non US/EU client IPs! Shame they didn’t start with AU, we are such a tiny population, we could iron out the bugs even with a pre-release of one week!

  6. Ali

    I have checked that out – It’s all good (third post down).

    Looking this up reminded me that I will get early game access as well. Sweet!

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