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Battlefield 3

O.K, so if you didn’t know already, the battlefield 3 open beta is out.

The first thing is you are going to need to get ‘Origin‘ for the beta. IDK if the final game will be running on it.(origin is EA games version of steam) Once you have got that you can log in and go to free game and there should be an option to join the BF3 open beta. Once done, you can go to your games and download.

If the downloading on origin is slow due to large amount of people getting it, go to this web site and follow the instructions.

4 Responses to “Battlefield 3”

  1. I’m sure I read a while back that EA are not happy with steam and we won’t be seeing BF3 there. What’s origin like? I know one thing, it’s not unmetered by internode!

    Shame it’s not being sold on, they have the best service. No DRM. Choose your own region. Gog are win 🙂

    Have fun in BF3. I’ll be playing witcher2 v2.0 🙂

  2. Rammy

    The game play is fast and exciting. Really feels like your in the battle. There a few bugs that still can be a problem but it is a beta and they are being fixed. The interface can be hard to work with at first but it just takes time.

    Warning: You do need a good computer to play this game.

  3. tofu

    Doesn’t work at all for me, just decides not to load.

    Now Origin won’t even re-install it 🙁

    EA. you. Are. COMPLETELY. USELESS!!!!!

  4. Ali

    Yeah not convinved at all. There are a few things that I think are not well implemented and wont be fixed in the final version. Happy to give it a miss for now at least.

    Only bad thing is that it doesnt bode well for SWTOR.

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