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Battlefield 3 almost here!

So tonight at twelve o’clock battlefield 3 is out  in Australia and this video is just a sneak peek at how beautiful it will be.

18 Responses to “Battlefield 3 almost here!”

  1. tofu

    Looks awesome. Still crashes when I try to open it. BattleFail 3.

  2. Ali

    I presume that is still on Beta? I won’t automatically rule it out but they do need to fix the bugs, the clumsy lobby system, the menu that is only available when alive…

  3. Rammy

    Well I now have my copy and it looks so good, but can not install it until i have finished Physics. I think that problem will not be apparent in the real game, I believe it was just the beta.

  4. tofu

    I know it was a beta, but I’m really not keen to invest big $ in a game that may not even open on my machine.

  5. Rammy

    That is true but when you see this beast of a game running on my PC you will be singing a different tune.

  6. Ali

    Don’t worry Andy. The Old Republic will run on your machine.

  7. Rammy

    The republic is a li………

  8. Rammy

    So the severs are up and the maps are so amazing.

  9. Ali

    So have they fixed any of the issues from the Beta (i.e the lobby, not being able to access the menu if dead etc)?

  10. Ali


    So despite my rule about not rewarding mediocrity, I have relented to peer pressure and bought BF3.

    Rammy, it’s all your fault…

  11. Andy… Jump into TS… ok

  12. Rammy

    I would like to say sorry but i think it is a great game which is lots of fun to play with friends online.

  13. tofu

    I purchased it, but it didn’t run either. What I didn’t realise was, it was trying to launch my default web browser and couldn’t (portable Chrome).

    Why would you need to launch a browser to play a game!!??!!?!?!?

    Here’s a message for you.

    Not to mention how dreadful the interfaces are (not as bad as interfaces from Borderlands or Global Agenda mind you).

    PS good looking game. Might even be fun once I get my lightweight pack.

  14. Rammy

    I don’t know what you mean Andy now that I have played it for closes to a week I find the interface fine and the web browser can be weird at time but I find that I am getting into games faster and it is good to be able to view friends stats and stuff easily without having a third party website. The only thing which I can not stand atm is the fact the when you load into the game the pic in the middle is not full screen.

  15. Rammy

    oh what are people’s names so I can add you mine is MadHa77er. So if you have got origin or bf3 you can add me now i guess.

  16. tofu

    I think my concern is that these days they release their alpha-quality products early and call them a ‘beta’ (free public testing), then release beta-quality products and charge full price (more public testing, but this time they are getting paid). For example:

    • If they require that we all use Origin, why is it missing so much fundamental functionality? Could they not be bothered to implement the bits they haven’t yet copied from Steam?
    • Why are there no server queues?? If you have friends, this breaks multiplayer!

    And I know gamers are quite good at deciphering obfuscated interfaces, but in 2011, there’s just no need for it. They built a number of very good (and very complex) in-game interfaces, how could they get ‘simple’ 2d menus so wrong?

    Bottom line, it’s tolerable, but still hard to excuse.

  17. tofu

    PS Gratz! your comment was the 1337 comment i.e. follow the link and check the URL.

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