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A Call to Arms


Well the time has arrived. Phase 3 (Deployment) of the SWTOR guild launch process has begun.

And none of you p****s are anywhere to be seen…

I understand it is a MMO and you aren’t sure you want to invest the time it will require. Sure, it is not being released in Oz at launch and you will have to order from OS (which will probably be cheaper anyway) and play in a US server. Yes, I am aware that there are some solid titles around (BF3, Skyrim, Diablo 3) that will be competing for your love.

I know all this and I don’t care.

The Old Republic is going to be the digitial equivalent of getting a b******b from God and you all know it, so this is what you need to do.

1. If you haven’t already joined SNAP Dark , head over to the SWTOR Guild HQ and join up.
2. Go and pre-order the game online. Amazon is a good start, I am sure there are others out there too.
3. Cancel any plans you had for Christmas.

That is all,

2 Responses to “A Call to Arms”

  1. I will look at getting it in the following year once they have ironed out all the glitches and actually sell it here, whenever that may be the case…

  2. and I’ll look at it the year following that, when it goes free to play and I can afford it ~:)

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