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SWTOR beta weekend

I’m thinking of arcing up my gaming rig this weekend… Will it be worth the wait?


4 Responses to “SWTOR beta weekend”

  1. Ali

    Beat me to the punch. There goes my weekend.

    With this and Skyrim, Battlefield 3 is now living up to its name sake…

  2. I don’t think we’ll really know if it’s worth it until we can compare Zoey and Chewie in a blog post

  3. what’s the verdict?

    I thought the opening cinematics were awesome, although a little long (watching isn’t playing after all!). Sadly, they stole the show from the in-game graphics, which look pretty dated. Like Jedi Academy quality (which was good looking in 2003). Worth watching the cinematics though, the production values there were awesome!

    I went with Sith and got given a practice sword. That put paid to my early hopes of yelling “I’M FIRING MUH LASER SABRE!” I picked a class with dual wielding light sabres. Not practice sticks 🙁

    There is a dance emote, but it is not as good as /jig in global agenda.

    I guess this is more classic RPG control based? I know now how much I prefer RPS over RPG. Let me point and click to shoot—not point and click to select and spam 1, 1, 1, on the keyboard to swing a practice stick. Wah! I was expecting gameplay like Jedi Academy (which is awesome).

    It probably gets better when you get light sabres and spaceships. I assume you get that by grinding.

    I liked the first couple of missions in the jeddi faction better than the sith. The sith have to run around in a temple killing crab worms. Also, all the other sith are unfailingly polite in their polished British accents, even when making threats. I expected to see more force choking!

    The jeddi get to run around a forest killing large pig-men and rescuing holocron discs. They are pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

    I haven’t seen enough to judge the quality of the story.

    I don’t have any RPG cred, but I played both Witcher 1 and 2 this year. This game plays like Witcher 1. Witcher 2 kicks butt in every aspect: graphics, controls, fighting, bad-assery.

    Sorry Ali! :]

    Did you get further into it? What were the highlights?

  4. Ali

    The verdict is very positive in my book.

    Graphics – Yes they are a little cartoony but like with WoW, that is deliberate so as to allow lower end systems to run. I also think it wont age as badly as if they went top end. Most importantly I think it captures the feel of SW very well.

    Sabres – You didnt play through very far by the sounds. You do get one pretty quickly into the main story arc.

    Sith vs Jedi – To each there own but I have actually enjoyed playing a “light-side” bounty hunter. Good sarcastic humour available in the conversation choices.

    Combat – Standard MMORPG fare. Although I think it would benefit from an auto-attack option (I was pressing 1 a lot even by MMO standards.

    Story – Look svery cool and keeps you well engrosed in the quests rather than just asking “what do I kill and how many?”.

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