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Zoey or Batman…?

Nana-nana nana-nana nana-nana-na — BATMAN!

Seen spiii playing nothing but Batman Arkham City and wondered—“is he gonna spend the whole Summer of Ben 2011 playing only one game?” Perhaps. But is it a game for everyone? There is only one way to find the answer—switch on detective mode, it’s time to compare heroines!

Weapon of choice
Whip and claws of Catwoman
This kitty has claws
Zoey posed with pistols outs
Zoey’s trademark pistols
Shoes make the man
Catwoman kicking a thug
Knee-high kickers
Zoey's shoe
The hunt is on!
Catwoman beating up a thug—hunter style
Catwoman is a hunter
Hunter pounces on Zoey
Zoey is the hunted
All tied up
Catwoman lashed to Batman
Catwoman ties ’em up
Zoey caught by smoker
Zoey is constricted!
Kiss the boys and make them cry
Catwoman kiss+trip fight move
Kiss + trip critical strike
Francis shocked as Zoey kisses a witch
Not that again!
Best in Lego
Lego Catwoman holding a whip and fishbones
Official Batman Lego and an official Lego Batman game
Zoey and Bill lego minifigs
Minifig excellence—but no Lego game!
Best fan video

Stunt studio remake

Fake movie trailer
Random quote
Arkham thug: [window shatters offscreen] It’s Batman!
[Catwoman walks into view]
Arkham thug: What the h**l?
Catwoman: Sorry to disappoint you boys. It’s just little ol’ me.
Francis: Hey, watch out for that Steam pipe.
Zoey: Man, I love Steam.
Francis: Yeah, Steam’s alright, I guess.

So is Batman Arkham City worth your dosh? (What is dosh anyway?)
If saying “I’m Batman!” every day to friends, family and social networks is as important to you as it is to me, then you are probably Bajo yes.

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