IE 6? Just upgrade. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.



I played this game twice...

8 Responses to “Unsubscribe!”

  1. I think you needed to tell them what you REALLY thought Fumbles……….

  2. I’d ask what game it is, but if it’s worse than Global Agenda I might be safer not knowing ~:)

  3. Ali

    At least you didn’t fall asleep playing this one.

  4. tofu

    Ha! I hope you submitted that?

  5. frag_spawn

    Talking about boring MMOs, high-rez studios, the maker of that memorable title, Global Agenda, have a FPS worth a look: “tribes ascend“. Fumbles, it has the one redeeming feature, that you liked in GA. Jet Pack anyone? I’ve downloaded it, and I’d say the CTF is worth at least one Friday Night? Anyone?

  6. JP!.. Trying to download it now. I’m up for a bash anytime. Looks like some fun. And I promise to be open minded and just enjoy the game… Really, I’d just love to say Hi and have a bash with you. Hope you and Wendy are both well. Miss ya, but look forward to catching you soon.

  7. Yeah I tried the beta and it was alright. Just needed more snappers to make it funner!

    Jetpack is only half the fun, the rest is skiing!

  8. Downloaded and installed Tribes. Than accidentally formatted my Games/Media drive that I had just installed it to. 10 hours later and all data is recovered and I had a chance to play the game. It’s not bad. This is a game I’d be very happy to play with a few of the boys. Bring it on!

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