IE 6? Just upgrade. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Supplies and Provisions


You will need:

BEDDING – Its is quite cold down here at the moment, with morning frost the norm

  • A Blanket / Sleeping bag / Doonah
  • A Pillow or two
  • A sheet or fitted sheet if you want one (we just don’t have enough to go around
  • A towell
  • clean underpants
  • Computer and monitor (Brissie boys do not need to bring a monitor if the don’t want too. We have 2 x 24″ and 1 x 22″ that can be used)
  • Bring an Ethernet cable and a wireless NIC
  • Bring a mouse pad if you think it might help with your gaming prowess.
GAMES – Please try and have these few games installed
  • TF2
  • BF3 / BF2?
  • And suggestions for a decent little indie or racing game
  • BYO Grog and Nibbles – we have Woolworth’s and Dan Murphy’s very near by
  • We will discuss food and options once everyone arrives
Ok, I think that’s about it from me. If you think of anything just post a comment. I’ll be watching 🙂

2 Responses to “Supplies and Provisions”

  1. ‘Hey you sass that hoopy, Ford Prefect, there’s a frood who really knows where his towel is.’

    Have a great LAN! I’m busy with family—birthday celebrations for 10 yr old. That’s right, time to give ‘im a pokemon and a backpack and start him on the road to being a pokemon master!

    ps: can I get a tshirt anyway? they are awesome 😉

  2. frag_spawn

    For those who want a desktop background for the LAN, here is your t-shirt print in hi-res!

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