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December 21 came and went rather uneventfully. If nothing else, we missed a great opportunity for an end-of-the-world LAN…

…Or did we?

Some believe Friday-before-last was a premature premonition. I personally believe the worst is yet to come. Heck, there’s all manner of ways in which we could all synchronously kick the bucket (super-viral outbreak, alien invasion, cataclysmic meteor strike, just to name a few).

It’s almost 2013, we’re living on borrowed time!

Come join us early January, prepare for the pending calamity by attending a group training exercise in virtual post-apocalyptic wasteland simulators (like L4D).

Specific dates, times, locations to follow (probably via TeamSpeak).

PS LAN spray available from the members-only section.

PPS Wallpaper available also.

PPPS More information about LAN prep is available from the members-only section.

Games list is starting to shape up (based on comments and TS feedback)…

16 Responses to “SNAPocalypse”

  1. tofu

    Votes for LAN games?

    Some ideas…

    • Hawken
    • LFD2
    • BF3
    • Flat Out Ultimate Carnage
    • TF2 (MvM or Arena)
    • CnC3 Kane’s Wrath
  2. frag_spawn

    If you can handle the pre-pubescent taunts in your ears, CounterStrike GO is 25% off on steam. Despite my n00bish skill. I did enjoy the pace of this game.

  3. I strongly recommend Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a hack and slash game that could give us lots of entertainment! Link here:
    Available on Steam 🙂

  4. tofu

    Chivalry looks good. That could definitely be a goer.

  5. we should totally celebrate SNAPocalypse and R18+ with this

  6. tofu

    Awesomenauts looks LAN-friendly (and has 6-player action), might be worth a look?

  7. I have one copy of Awesomenauts to gift if anyone wants it…..

  8. Just a note, to get Flatout ultimate carnage working, you need the games for windows client (because microsoft are a bunch of C U Next Tuesday’s)

    Link here:

  9. Rammy

    Well I would love to come now being 18 and out of school and getting a chance to meet all you awesome lads. I have work on Sat night and Sun morning though. So i will talk to my boss tonight and see what I can arrange. If not I will go when i can. Do i need to pre-dload the games or can i get them off a hard drive there? Also maybe something like trouble in terrorist town (gmod and counter strike) or Ace of Spades (zombie mode) could be some fun games.

  10. Rammy

    Okay Farming Simulator 2013 or Train Simulator or minecraft.

  11. tofu

    Shmitee, we don’t have to wait till Tuesday, I’ll see you noon tomorrow!

    Rammy, legit installers are available at the LAN, but the more pre-loading you do, the more playing you get in on LAN day.

  12. Rammy I would personally load as many games as possible, it took me a good couple of hours to get all my games set up today!

  13. I’m still setting up ~:)

  14. Rammy

    Okay I will have Chivalry all ready to go for tomorrow. Sadly I do not have up to date files for L4D2 or Flatout Ultimate Carnage. So I will have to install them tomorrow. Also I have not bought Awesomenauts yet and will wait to see if we are playing it tomorrow to see if it is worth the money.

  15. tofu

    Will gift it to you!

  16. Rammy

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