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MF’ing Double Spikes!


Anyone remember “Rage Quit“? He is still kicking around, making videos and getting mad.

One of his recent vids got me interested in a little game called “Give Up”.  So simple, so frustrating.

Prepare to get frustrated.  I got to level 16 before I swore for the first (but definitely not the last) time.  I giove Fumbles until level 4.



3 Responses to “MF’ing Double Spikes!”

  1. tofu

    Ah, now you’re ready for SMB 😉

  2. Ali

    Finished it. “Give Up” that is. I have played SMB by the way. SMB can go suck my SMB.

  3. Rammy

    I am Legit the biggest Rooster Teeth fan. Love all there stuff and I suggest that you watch there lets plays if you are into the work by Michael rage quit jones.

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