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Neverwinter – F2PAMMORPG!


Not sure if anyone has come across Neverwinter, the upcoming Free-to-Play, Dungeons and Dragons, Action MMORPG from Perfect World (the same people who did Torchlight 1 and 2, and City of Heroes amoungst others), but it looks very interesting for a number of reasons, including:


1. Free-to Play

Yes that’s right, it is free to play.  No paying for the game, no sub fees, only voluntary in-game purchases.  The danger with this model is that free-to-play becomes pay-to-win with the best items only being available for real world miney.  However, all the reports for Neverwinter say that everything is available through just playing the free, main game and that payments are only really to help spped that process or cosmetic items.  And even if that turns out to be bogus, who cares, it cost you nothing to download the game and try it.


2. Action Combat, not Number Mashing

Despite the similiar third person look, this is an action MMORPG and should not be confused for a WoW-clone.  This is more like an FPS where there is no cursor or tab-targeting, instead it is reticle based and you attack someone by aiming at them with your mouse and move around with WASD.  Also there are not a myrriad of useless skills on hotbars taking up the entire screen.  Primary and secondarty attacks (no cooldowns) are M1 and  M2, specials (small cooldowns) on Q and E and ultimates (charge up by doing damage) on 1 and 2.  That’s it (except for potions).  No useless skills.  Oh and you can also dodge attacks.  Basically the game rewards skill, not number basing.  (PS – Elder Scrolls Online looks like it will use a very similiar system).


3. Good Graphics

Enough said.


4. Did I mention it is Free?


If you are you interested, the last beta event is next weekend (22-24 March), so if you are interested head over and sign up.  Hopefully the full game should be come out not too long afterwards.


So hopefully this will hold me until Elder Scrolls Online comes out later this year.  And even if it doesn’t, so what – IT’S FREE!!!


That is all,


4 Responses to “Neverwinter – F2PAMMORPG!”

  1. installed…

  2. Ali

    Good man!

  3. Downloading the torrent now. You make it sound a promising game. I like everything you’re talking about. Especially the non-wow (mmorpg)elements.

    Keen to try!

  4. Ali

    Yeah it could be a goodun’. Even if it isn’t it hasn’t cost us anything to try.

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