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Zoey or Lara… rebooted!

This Zoey or <heroine> review series began with Tomb Raider: Anniversary (see Zoey or Lara…?).
Now we’re going back to our roots to discover if the Tomb Raider reboot is everything you’ve wanted in a cinematic campaign. (Answer: it is!)

Weapon of choice
Lara with her bow
The silent killer (yep, it’s a bow—it’s awesome)
Zoey posed with pistols outs
L4D2 gives Zoey melee weapons, but she still loves pistols
Fashionable upgrades
Lara's hair
finally a good use for GPU physics: hair by TRESSFX
Zoey in KISS skin
mods give Zoey an all new look (and many more)
Looks better wet
Lara hiding in a pool of blood
Lara submerged in blood
Zoey caught by a boomer
Zoey covered in goop
Xbox merchandising
Tomb Raider Xbox controller
Limited edition controller (realistic battle damage!)
Modified Xbox with L4D decals
You’ll have to make your own

So is Tomb Raider worth your dosh? (What is dosh anyway?) If being able to tell your mates “yeah, I got lost on an island with other survivors and I wasn’t watching TV” is as important to you as it is to me, then yes.

In truth, this is one of the best cinematic, story driven single-player games I’ve ever played (if not THE best). If you like that type of game experience, you’ll love this. (It’s got multiplayer but I haven’t tried that.)

A former fan of wet t-shirts was offended in the writing of this post.

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