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Bring on Summer!


Perfect Word has announced that Neverwinter will enter open beta on 30 April.  Don’t worry about this still being beta and losing your toons – this is the full release and toons won’t get wiped.

Also, if you buy a Hero of the North Founder’s Pack – and have more money than sense – you can get five days early access.  The more reasonably priced Guardian of Neverwinter Founder’s Pack (which I have now purchased FYI) gets you three days early access.

Also, either pack will get you into a fourth closed beta weekend starting on 12 April where you will be able to try out the craafting system.  If you do not buy a Founder’s Pack, you still might be able to playe the closed beta by picking up a code somewhere like we did last time, but I can’t garauntee it.

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3 Responses to “Bring on Summer!”

  1. I spent my monies kickstarting the Veronica Mars movie… roll on 30 April!

  2. Ali

    Well I am not going to respond to that except by saying that Neverwinter is completely Free-to-Play. You can buy a pack for beta and early access but technically you can play without foring out a cent – not for the client, not for subs.

  3. I also used up my quota on Game of Thrones (curse those iTunes HD 2GB downloads!)

    btw, is this game out of beta now?

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