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Gaming Keypads


So I am considering buying a Razer Orbweaver but haven’t used a gaming keypad before.  Has anyone used them?  Thoughts, comments, scathing criticisms welcome.


2 Responses to “Gaming Keypads”

  1. frag_spawn

    0 experience with em, but I just bought a Cherry Black clone (steelseries 6Gv2) and I know my general typing accuracy has gone up, with a noticeable increase in typing speed too.

    So all I can say, is that mechanical is the way to go. But go to a shop and try them out. They are not for everyone…

  2. Ali

    Thanks JP.

    I have to admit that I have become accustomed to chiclet keys having been on the laptop for over a year now. The small travel and big key surface-area is a big plus over mechanical keys IMO. The mechanical keys on the Orbweaver seem nice though.

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