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Posted by tofu on January 1st, 2014 @ 00:03

Happy New Year!!

PS Spot the Snapper at SantaSmash. Bonus points for spotting one or more here.

Meet Ali

Posted by tofu on October 3rd, 2009 @ 17:50

After what has turned out to be a considerable delay, I can now return you to your previously scheduled programming…

Today I introduce SNAP’s very own International Man of Mystery. A man of a thousand names, but we know him best as: Ali.

Ali is a founding member of clan SNAP, a natural born leader and natural born killer. He is always keen to scout a new map for strategic advantage or review an old map for tactical optimisation. Ever adaptable, Ali is equally at home spearheading group maneuvers or when nestled behind a barricade of mechanised machinations. But make no mistake, an Engi’s life is rarely easy.

The following is a true story, summing up Ali, the marvelous man that he is. Ali, this one’s for you:

PS Thanks to Dr Zorr, Fumbles and Annwn for their ideas and encouragement.

Meet irama

Posted by tofu on August 20th, 2009 @ 00:11

Rat tat tat tat tat tat… It’s time, for a little self-indulgence…

Have you ever wondered what that Medic is thinking while he sits patiently behind you?

Or what he dreams about just after crying himself to sleep at night?

Indulge me if you will as I take you on a journey deep into the scarred psyche of a glory-seeking-combat-medic!

Meet Shmitee

Posted by tofu on July 19th, 2009 @ 02:44

As we’ve welcomed new members to the clan, I’ve realised that there are a few members who have been overlooked. These tireless warriors have fought for SNAP since it’s inception, forging the clan’s irreverent humour and stainless ethic from mounds of gore and sinew of fallen enemies, plus of course, a dash of mum jokes.

Today I take the opportunity to introduce Shmitee, a founding member of clan SNAP. Shmitee is slow to anger but quick to jest. A loyal ally, and a good friend.

Here’s a story that attempts to capture just a little of Shmitee’s priceless and unique sense of humour.

Shmitee, you’re a champion! And I hope you enjoy:

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