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Ali is a founding member of SNAP, Rangas Anonymous, and Australian Poodle Enthusiats. When not combing his flowing ginger locks or training his prize-winning pooches, he enjoys tearing rips in the space-time continuum with his portal gun.

News from the front lines

ESO Arrives

Posted by Ali on March 29th, 2014 @ 08:32


Elder Scrolls Online early access starts this Sunday (full launch 5 days later.

Just in case anyone is going to join me here are the required details:

Server: Europe (no Oceania servers). Due to the Megaserver technology, there are no sub-servers beyond region. Note that you choose the region from the launcher, not the character select screen.
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
PvP Server: There are PvP servers (aka Campaigns). We will try and joint ‘Wabbajack’

That is all,

Pre-Order ESO Goodness

Posted by Ali on January 30th, 2014 @ 06:23


For those of you not paying attention, Bethesda today announced pre-orders for The Elder Scrolls Online. The benefits of pre-ordering include:

– 5 days early access to ESO
– An exclusive race – The Imperials – playable on any faction.
– A free mount (with speed bonus)
– The ability to play any race in any faction (each faction usually only has 3 factions)
– Vanity pet, in-game items, and more!

So make sure you head over to the site and pick up ESO goodness.

That is all,

ESO Beta b*****s

Posted by Ali on January 9th, 2014 @ 19:58


Upon my return to sunny Vienna I had the very nice welcome home present of an ESO beta key for the test this weekend. If you signed up for the beta, make sure you check you email (including spam folders) to see if you lucked out.

If you weren’t so lucky, I will give a report on my experience here next week.

That is all,

A Cure for WoW

Posted by Ali on December 22nd, 2013 @ 12:58


For what will be the seventeenth time on these forums, you life will end (or at least mine will) on 4 April next year when The Elder Scrolls Online releases for PC and Mac.

And the good news is that you can all stop playing WoW (again, for the seventeenth time).

That is all,



Gaming Keypads

Posted by Ali on December 11th, 2013 @ 07:13


So I am considering buying a Razer Orbweaver but haven’t used a gaming keypad before.  Has anyone used them?  Thoughts, comments, scathing criticisms welcome.


Running commentary

  1. Ali

    Looks alright. Need to see some non-rendered actual gameplay tho.

  2. Ali

    Good lord that’s bad!

  3. Ali

    Thanks JP.

    I have to admit that I have become accustomed to chiclet keys having been on the laptop for over a year now. The small travel and big key surface-area is a big plus over mechanical keys IMO. The mechanical keys on the Orbweaver seem nice though.

  4. Ali

    Ha! I will have to get back into BL2 at some stage.

    I will do a review of classes soon but I would say that you want a Sorcerer with their daedric summoning. Having said that Elder Scrolls classes are just a starting point and anyone can pretty much do anything.

  5. Ali


  6. Ali
    2447 days 1 hour ago Ali said:


  7. Ali

    Well I am not going to respond to that except by saying that Neverwinter is completely Free-to-Play. You can buy a pack for beta and early access but technically you can play without foring out a cent – not for the client, not for subs.

  8. Ali

    Yeah it could be a goodun’. Even if it isn’t it hasn’t cost us anything to try.

  9. Ali

    Good man!

  10. Ali

    No not yet. The buzz is that invites will go out next month sometime.

    By the way, Shoddy Cast (the guys that did the “21 reasons” video linked in the main message of this thread) are doing blogs on you tube about ESO three times a week (2 Q&A and 1 discussion topic). They are pretty awesome and I rccomend that you check them out if you are interested at al in thegame.

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