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News from the front lines

BF4 Begins – 1 Nov

Posted by Ali on October 31st, 2013 @ 05:13


BF4 has offically released and I am keen for a bash.  Even better, this Friday is a public holiday in Vienna so I can join you guys in real time.

If you are keen, grab the game and I will see you all from 7PM (AEDST) on Friday.

That is all,


Elder Scrolls Online Factions

Posted by Ali on October 11th, 2013 @ 05:10


With the release of The Elder Scrolls Online only a mere five months (at least) away, the time has come to ask ourselves which faction we all want to play come the northern spring (playing is not optional you here me everyone?). This has nothing to do with the fact I am stuck in a hotel room bored out of my skull. Anyway here are our options, along with a brief description of the three races in each faction.



Possible Guild Name: Daggerfail

Bretons (aka Half-Elves)

The result of the formation of two groups (i.e. humans and elves), they would be a force to be reckoned with if they could stop the infighting between the main houses. They are basically the ALP. Good magicians.

Redguards (aka western humans)

When their home continent was destroyed, this sea-faring race had to relocate and ended up in a desert. Well played. They make up for that slightly by rocking scimitars. Natural athletes and warriors.

Orsimer (aka Orcs)

What happens when your king is eaten by a daedra (demon) and subsequently crapped out? Well the king turns into a daedra himself and your once elvish race all turn into orcs. Obvious really. I don’t care if they are the supposedly the best warriors in Tamriel, I can’t bring myself to play a race led by a c**p-demon.



Possible Guild Name: Mer and Fur (Mer is the general Elder Scrolls name for the elves)

Altmer (aka High Elves)

These guys are Nazis. Seriously. If you played Skyrim you will know that they are all about returning the superior elven race to power. Kind of irnonic because they are the ugliest representation of elves I have seen in any game. Have an affinity towards magic.

Bosmer (aka Wood Elves)

What’s not to like about the Wood Elves? Except for the fact they are cannibals. The “Green Pact” stops them harming any plants so they chow down on the bodies of vanquised foes. Kind of like psychotic reverse vegetarians (I wouldn’t recommend this race for Andy). If you can get past this, they are the best archers going around.

Khajiit (aka big p*****s)

They are Tamriel’s feline race as well as its drug dealers. Many Khajiit are hooked on “skooma” which is refined “moon sugar”. Sounds a lot like rum to me. Anyway as you would expect for giant cats, they are very stealthy, have claws and tails and look completely bad-a*s.



Possible Guild Name: Dragonporn (actually this would be good for any faction I reckon)

Nords (aka northern humans)

Probably going to be a popular race thanks to Skyrim. Just as well because they are xenophobic, knuckle-dragging meatheads and no-one would like them otherwise. Handy with an axe.

Dunmer (aka Dark Elves)

Sure they are treacherous, oligargarchic, muderous daedra worshipers, but they have blue-black skin and glowing red eyes so they are pretty cool in my book. With a good understanding of both martial and magical arts they are natural battlemages.

Argonians (aka lizardmen)

While there is a lot to like about a race of lizardmen, they ruin this by being even bigger tree-huggers than the Bosmer (except without the cannibalism). And I mean literally tree-huggers – they are effectively ruled by a race of sentient trees called Hist. Stupid. Tough b******s in a fight though.


That is all,


Bring on Summer!

Posted by Ali on April 5th, 2013 @ 02:52


Perfect Word has announced that Neverwinter will enter open beta on 30 April.  Don’t worry about this still being beta and losing your toons – this is the full release and toons won’t get wiped.

Also, if you buy a Hero of the North Founder’s Pack – and have more money than sense – you can get five days early access.  The more reasonably priced Guardian of Neverwinter Founder’s Pack (which I have now purchased FYI) gets you three days early access.

Also, either pack will get you into a fourth closed beta weekend starting on 12 April where you will be able to try out the craafting system.  If you do not buy a Founder’s Pack, you still might be able to playe the closed beta by picking up a code somewhere like we did last time, but I can’t garauntee it.

That is all,


Neverwinter – F2PAMMORPG!

Posted by Ali on March 17th, 2013 @ 01:28


Not sure if anyone has come across Neverwinter, the upcoming Free-to-Play, Dungeons and Dragons, Action MMORPG from Perfect World (the same people who did Torchlight 1 and 2, and City of Heroes amoungst others), but it looks very interesting for a number of reasons, including:


1. Free-to Play

Yes that’s right, it is free to play.  No paying for the game, no sub fees, only voluntary in-game purchases.  The danger with this model is that free-to-play becomes pay-to-win with the best items only being available for real world miney.  However, all the reports for Neverwinter say that everything is available through just playing the free, main game and that payments are only really to help spped that process or cosmetic items.  And even if that turns out to be bogus, who cares, it cost you nothing to download the game and try it.


2. Action Combat, not Number Mashing

Despite the similiar third person look, this is an action MMORPG and should not be confused for a WoW-clone.  This is more like an FPS where there is no cursor or tab-targeting, instead it is reticle based and you attack someone by aiming at them with your mouse and move around with WASD.  Also there are not a myrriad of useless skills on hotbars taking up the entire screen.  Primary and secondarty attacks (no cooldowns) are M1 and  M2, specials (small cooldowns) on Q and E and ultimates (charge up by doing damage) on 1 and 2.  That’s it (except for potions).  No useless skills.  Oh and you can also dodge attacks.  Basically the game rewards skill, not number basing.  (PS – Elder Scrolls Online looks like it will use a very similiar system).


3. Good Graphics

Enough said.


4. Did I mention it is Free?


If you are you interested, the last beta event is next weekend (22-24 March), so if you are interested head over and sign up.  Hopefully the full game should be come out not too long afterwards.


So hopefully this will hold me until Elder Scrolls Online comes out later this year.  And even if it doesn’t, so what – IT’S FREE!!!


That is all,


Hype Rising…

Posted by Ali on January 25th, 2013 @ 03:50


Well the moment has arrived.  The Elder Scrolls: Online is now inviting sign-ups for beta testing.  And to celebrate, they have released a truly j**z-worthy cinematic.

And if you are wary of too much hype, I suggest you cynics have a look at this video.

That is All,


Running commentary

  1. Ali

    Looks alright. Need to see some non-rendered actual gameplay tho.

  2. Ali

    Good lord that’s bad!

  3. Ali

    Thanks JP.

    I have to admit that I have become accustomed to chiclet keys having been on the laptop for over a year now. The small travel and big key surface-area is a big plus over mechanical keys IMO. The mechanical keys on the Orbweaver seem nice though.

  4. Ali

    Ha! I will have to get back into BL2 at some stage.

    I will do a review of classes soon but I would say that you want a Sorcerer with their daedric summoning. Having said that Elder Scrolls classes are just a starting point and anyone can pretty much do anything.

  5. Ali


  6. Ali
    2447 days 1 hour ago Ali said:


  7. Ali

    Well I am not going to respond to that except by saying that Neverwinter is completely Free-to-Play. You can buy a pack for beta and early access but technically you can play without foring out a cent – not for the client, not for subs.

  8. Ali

    Yeah it could be a goodun’. Even if it isn’t it hasn’t cost us anything to try.

  9. Ali

    Good man!

  10. Ali

    No not yet. The buzz is that invites will go out next month sometime.

    By the way, Shoddy Cast (the guys that did the “21 reasons” video linked in the main message of this thread) are doing blogs on you tube about ESO three times a week (2 Q&A and 1 discussion topic). They are pretty awesome and I rccomend that you check them out if you are interested at al in thegame.

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