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News from the front lines

Hawken – Mechwarrior FPS

Posted by frag_spawn on December 22nd, 2012 @ 23:03

Toby and I have had a bit of a bash and it’s a pretty good fps, with a definite arms race feel about things. The classless combat has some strategy, but it comes down to the one with the biggest, things.

Those considering Brisbane for LANNAGE in Jan, should download a copy (it’s free to play) and get the feel for things. link

A very crappy looking Mech if I say so myself!

Dubbo LAN 2 – Theme Song

Posted by frag_spawn on July 12th, 2012 @ 11:39

Video is “unlisted” i.e. nobody can search for it, access is only via Frag_Spawn’s account. Take down notices will be respected…

DayZ, DayZ how does your garden grow

Posted by frag_spawn on June 10th, 2012 @ 09:18

I was wondering why a two year old game Arma II is so consistently on the top of the best sellers chart on steam. Well it’s because of this:

I was talking to Ali about it last night. It’s an MMO first-person zombie apocalypse simulator. 250km2 of open world with zombies everywhere. No map, a little ammo and a pistol.

I’ve been watching the youtubes out there, some are like watching small B-Grade short films. Very compelling, looking gameplay. Might be a hit at the LAN. Mod = Free, Game Engine $30.


Posted by frag_spawn on June 6th, 2012 @ 08:12

I did spend A LOT of time playing the first and second incarnations of this game, never touched four. But this latest instalment looks FABULOUS!. I watched some of the more technical vids out there, and it seems that there is are more granular feedback loops, that are represented graphically. Pollution, traffic, night/day cycles. Its all there! Just another game to put on the queue of Must-Haves!

Dubbo LAN T-Shirts

Posted by frag_spawn on June 5th, 2012 @ 13:32

With Nakor driving I think a tank of petrol is a lot cheaper than flights. So I’ve decided Clan Snap need their first run of T-Shirts to commemorate the event!

Below is the final design. Which will feature on the front of a Black (of course) t-shirt. The back will have “CLAN SNAP” in Exocet gray across the neck.

Please nominate a size from this link. Don’t bother asking “how much”, or “I don’t want one”. All attendees will be getting one.


Running commentary

  1. frag_spawn

    0 experience with em, but I just bought a Cherry Black clone (steelseries 6Gv2) and I know my general typing accuracy has gone up, with a noticeable increase in typing speed too.

    So all I can say, is that mechanical is the way to go. But go to a shop and try them out. They are not for everyone…

  2. frag_spawn

    If you can handle the pre-pubescent taunts in your ears, CounterStrike GO is 25% off on steam. Despite my n00bish skill. I did enjoy the pace of this game.

  3. frag_spawn

    For those who want a desktop background for the LAN, here is your t-shirt print in hi-res!


  4. frag_spawn

    Just bought a box copy. seem to have the best deal. No (significant) download after a single DVD installer. Plus there are three guest passes to give to your friends @ school. And a nice looking scribbler notepad too!

  5. frag_spawn

    Talking about boring MMOs, high-rez studios, the maker of that memorable title, Global Agenda, have a FPS worth a look: “tribes ascend“. Fumbles, it has the one redeeming feature, that you liked in GA. Jet Pack anyone? I’ve downloaded it, and I’d say the CTF is worth at least one Friday Night? Anyone?

  6. frag_spawn

    Better hope the servers don’t block non US/EU client IPs! Shame they didn’t start with AU, we are such a tiny population, we could iron out the bugs even with a pre-release of one week!

  7. frag_spawn

    5 are in the definitely maybe camp:

    Fumbles & Shmitts offer their apologies

    Who can be the 6th?

  8. frag_spawn

    everyone chime in now!



  9. frag_spawn

    A fanboy and their money are soon parted


    This message brought to you by EA games.

  10. frag_spawn

    Looks like I had to moderate your request into ClanSNAP on that site. Given tofu admin rights, so you can approve any other clan join requests

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