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Epic Fumble!

Posted by spiii on March 10th, 2013 @ 02:05

Epic Fumble achievement from Tomb Raider

Epic Fumble is an achievement in Tomb Raider.
(Why is it never Epic Spiii or Epic <INSERT CLAN MEMBER NAME HERE>?)

Should you be playing the new Tomb Raider? Depends on whether you like Zoey or Lara amirite? There is multiplayer in this Tomb Raider though…

When it’s ready

Posted by spiii on January 15th, 2013 @ 20:07

I’ll admit to being a little hyped for Cyberpunk 2077. That’s some nice eye candy!

Love the work CD Projekt Red do—they delivered big time with Witcher 2 and

You know you’ve been missing TF2 when…

Posted by spiii on December 28th, 2012 @ 23:03

OMG! They glitched the game! You b******s!

Posted by spiii on November 25th, 2012 @ 20:59

Shades of double rainbow. I’ve never heard fellas so excited over level 23 loots ~:)


Posted by spiii on November 23rd, 2012 @ 00:12


Shirtless man playing guitar while kicking a rhino in the balls in front of an explosion

Running commentary

  1. I dunno about $120 for 30 days play… there’s no offline mode is there? 😉 Do the 5 days early access mean you get 35 days play? I’m guessing not.

    On a positive note, here’s a link that gets Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag thrown in for free:

  2. Totally, BL2 is still rockin’! Tiny Tina DLC is a hoot 🙂

    They are doing weapon rebalancing at the moment. One weapon at a time, day by day with upped drops (of that weapon) disguised as a contest: (sadly, only americans can win the money and nvidia loot, but we get the drops!)

    And the halloween headerhunter boss dlc will be out on Tuesday!

    It’s small DLC, just a mission with a boss and custom head I think.

  3. um… which of these factions is most like a mechromancer?

  4. Very helpful 🙂

  5. I’m amused that GameArena (Telstra) are getting out of the voice business!

  6. I also used up my quota on Game of Thrones (curse those iTunes HD 2GB downloads!)

    btw, is this game out of beta now?

  7. I spent my monies kickstarting the Veronica Mars movie… roll on 30 April!

  8. installed…

  9. heard anything back about this beta?

  10. I’m still setting up ~:)

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